André Weckmann : poète, écrivain, elsasser, passeur de frontières

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André Weckmann : poète, écrivain, elsasser, passeur de frontières

12/3/2007 - 15/5/2007

The exhibition entitled "Ufem lànge waj" (The Long Road) proposed by the BNU from 22 March to 15 May 2007 presents the life and work of the Alsatian writer André Weckmann, who was born in Steinbourg in 1924.

André Weckmann is one of the twentieth century's greatest writers and poets, and his work is without doubt among the most important in all Alsatian literature both because of the wealth of themes covered, his commitment, his use of the language, and his creativity.

The exhibition presents his publications – poetry, novels, essays, educational works – and his production on regional radio and television. The documents, many of which have not been displayed before, are from the BNU's collections of Alsace-related material and from private collections. The BNU is also organising a number of other events, including readings and musical and literary events.


"Une poignée d’orties" (A Handful of Nettles) (Daniel Coche /// Dora Production, 2003, 52 mins.)
Documentary on André Weckmann by Daniel Coche, following the poet to a number of favourite and emblematic locations, including an inn near the station, a bridge, beside the canal, and on various paths.

To be shown at 6 p.m. on 22, 23, 27, 30 March, 3, 10, 17, 20, 24, 27 April, 2, 4, 9, 11, 15 May; to be shown at 2.30 p.m. on 14 April.


Saturday, 24 March (4 p.m.):
"Splitter" // reading: selected pieces to mark the publication of André Weckmann's latest book, by Tobias Kempf

Saturday, 31 March (4 p.m.):
"Tamieh / Heimat" // readings in German from novels
Wie die Würfel fallen, Tamieh/Heimat, Schwarze Hornissen, by Emma Guntz

Wednesday, 4 April (6 p.m.):
"Une trace de sandales dans le sable de Galilée" // bilingual reading (Alsatian and French), poetry recital taken from "Elsassischi Liturgie", by André Weckmann and Tobias Kempf
The outpourings of a couple's love on the banks of a river - the Zinsel, or the Genesareth? But on Mount Nebo arises the apocalyptic vision of time past and time present, ending in a Yiddish lament. On the river bank - but which one? - both meet and are joined by a third person - Him and you two - to share a meal of fish. Then the sandal footprints in the wet sand. Be careful not to erase them.

Friday, 13 April (5 p.m.):
"A poet on the airwaves" // André Weckmann's work on radio and television. Audiovisual projections and discussion, with Emma Guntz, Jean-Paul Gunsett and Gaston Jung.

Saturday, 5 May (3 p.m.):
"Zwurwel-Gschichtle" // on the occasion of the publication of the Alsatian educational story "Zwurwel-Gschichtle" (published by CRDP Alsace): public presentation by the author and René Eglès, with the participation of children from the André Weckmann inter-municipal school in Roeschwoog.


Saturday, 1 May (6 p.m.):
"La Manivelle chante André Weckmann" // musical finale with Liselotte Hamm and Jean-Marie Hummel.


1924: Birth in Steinbourg (Bas-Rhin département) on 30 November 1924 to an Alsatian father and a mother from Lorraine. Attended secondary school in Strasbourg (Collège St Etienne) then in Besançon (following the evacuation of Strasbourg in 1939).

1940-1945: Return to Steinbourg in May 1940; attended the Hohbarr Oberschule in Saverne, and wrote his first "patriotic" and anti-Nazi poems in French and Alsatian dialect and discovered the Occitan poet Frédéric Mistral thanks to his teacher Alphonse Wollbrett.
Forcibly enrolled in the German army in February 1943, injured on the eastern front near Fastov. Deserted in September 1944 and hid in the family's house until the Liberation (22 Novembre 1944). Joined the local FFI group and discovered "America" through contact with American soldiers. After the war, studied German at Strasbourg University. Cultural attaché at the Prefecture and leader of after-school activities in a rural environment from 1954 to 1960, then teacher of German at an upper secondary school in Neudorf from 1961 to 1989.

The Fifties were a time of fruitful training and encounters. He became acquainted with the poet and playwright Germain Muller, and Martin Allheilig, director of Radio-Strasbourg, who commissioned him to produce a large number of broadcasts. With Brother Médard, director of the Foyer des Etudiants Catholiques (FEC) who gave him space in his journal "Elan", in which he published his first literary and satirical texts.

1960s and 1970s: André Weckmann adopted literary French and re-adopted German. He published his first two books - "Les Nuits de Fastov" (1968) and "Sechs Briefe aus Berlin" (1969).
Further to the events of May 1968, which woke up a new generation in Alsace, it was the start of real commitment. From 1972 onwards, the ecological combat joined the cultural struggle. The writer and poet published six works in French, Alsatian dialect and German between 1975 and 1978, and received the prestigious Hebel-Preis (1976). However, "militant euphoria" was not enough to reconquer the linguistic terrain that had been lost. Together with Eugène Philipps, he launched an educational and cultural project for Alsace.
He continues this educational work tirelessly in favour of bilingualism to this day, up to the inauguration of the "André Weckmann" school in Roeschwoog (2004), and the publication of this story "Zwurwel-Gschichtle" (2007).

Since 1980 he has published more than 30 works - novels, narratives, collections of poems, essays - and numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. It is a major return to German "nourished by Alsatian sap", an explosion of poetry in Alsatian dialect, and the adoption of the liturgical word. It is a plea for bilingualism and the creation of a bilingual Franco-German area as a model for Europe, and also a hymn to life and to love.


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Texts in French and Alsatian.

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Splitter ou « elle est toujours pas finie, ta guerre, papy ? ». - Strasbourg: bf éditeur / Salde, [March 2007].- 112 p.

Complete works currently in publication; six volumes published between 2000 and 2004:

Edition complète des oeuvres poétiques d'André Weckmann = "Werkausgabe" / published under Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Oberlin (2000 to 2002), Hirlé (2003-).

Littérature régionale et contexte international = Regionalliteratur und Internationalität. 1: setz di zue mr = setz dich zumir: Gespräche, Analysen, Texte = assieds-toi près de moi: entretiens, analyses, textes / published under Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Oberlin, 2000. - 259 p.; 23 cm.

La découverte d'un paysage poétique = Die Entdeckung einer poetischen Landschaft. 2: Hàn'r de blöje Storike gsahn? = Avez-vous vu la cigogne bleue ? : texte en vers et en prose des années 1944-1972 = Habt ihr den blauen Storch gesehen ? : Texte der Jahre 1944-1972, in Vers und Prosa / André Weckmann ; published under Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Oberlin, 2000. - 282 p.; 23 cm.

De schrej : le cri = der Schrei: poems 1972-1980. - Strasbourg : Oberlin, 2000.

Gedichte der Jahre 1980-1988 = Nos mains nues : poèmes des années 1980-1988 : avec traductions et commentaires en allemand et français =Werkausgabe der elsässischen Gedichte. 4, Bluddi hand / published under Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Oberlin, 2002. - 251 p.; 23 cm.

E Wüd vor Babylon : d'ander dimansion, musiques et incantations, Sprachphantasie und Abwehrstrukturen / André Weckmann; under the direction of Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Hirlé, 2003. - 235 p.: ill., portr.; 22 cm

Elsassischi Liturgie=Une liturgie alsacienne=Eine elsässische Liturgie / André Weckmann; under the direction of Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Hirlé, 2004. - 287 p.: colour ill., ill. cover (colour); 23 cm.

Laweslini, Liëweslini / André Weckmann; under the direction of Peter André Bloch. - Strasbourg: Hirlé, 2007. - 232 p.: colour ill., ill. cover (colour); 22 cm.

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