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Arp - Poète

5/3/2005 - 23/4/2005

In 2004 the BNU launched the Nathan Katz literary prize as part of the Printemps des Poètes (springtime of the poets).

For the publication by Editions Arfuyen of the volume entitled "Arp - Sable de lune", translated by Aimée Bleikasten, the winner of the 2004 prize, the BNU is turning the spotlight on the poet Jean Hans Arp.

In opposition to the BNU's first and bibliophilic editions, which count among the library's treasures, there are new translations of the poems.

Arp was born in Strasbourg in 1886; he spoke German and French, and Alsatian dialect as well, although his preference was for German. As a teenager, he wrote poems in all three languages. Painting, reliefs and sculpture were to be his fourth language.

His attachment to writing is well known - "If for some reason I had to choose between plastic art and written poetry, if I had to give up either painting or poems, I would opt for poems."

The BNU would like to contribute to the approach to Arp by presenting certain of his works, both in the written form and through readings.

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