Jean-Jacques Werner : diriger, composer, former

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Jean-Jacques Werner : diriger, composer, former

5/4/2001 - 5/5/2001

Jean-Jacques Werner was born in Strasbourg; he is above all a composer, conductor, a fervent music teacher, and an implacable Alsatian.

In fact, he embraces music on every front. He studied under Fritz Münch at the Conservatoire in Strasbourg, where he started very young and obtained a string of qualifications, in the harp, the horn, and orchestral conducting.

He was scarcely 20 years old when he began studying at the prestigious Schola Cantorum in Paris, founded by Vincent d’Indy, where his teachers were Daniel-Lesur, Pierre Wissmer, and Léon Barzin. He began orchestral conducting at the age of 25, with the French national broadcasting company; he went on to conduct the Orchestre de Paris.

Jean-Jacques Werner founded the Ecole Nationale de Musique in Fresnes, which currently has 700 students, travelled the world conducting, and at the same time composing symphonies and concertos, and set up a number of musical formations.

He is an Alsatian-speaking Strasbourger who is very attached to his region. He was to be Vice-President of the French national federation of music conservatoires, one of the creators of the European Music School Union in Saarbrücken, the first conductor of the Franco-German Orchestra, and at the same time Vice-President of the Conseil Supérieur de la Musique, collecting a number of prizes and awards on the way.

But the title of which he is most proud is that of a humble "music generalist".

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