Schiller et l'idéal européen

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Schiller et l'idéal européen

2/5/2005 - 22/7/2005

To mark the bicentenary of the death of Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805), the BNU is setting up the only major exhibition in France devoted to the German writer's dramatic work and poetry in nineteenth century Europe.

Friedrich Schiller, who was awarded French citizenship, is an emblematic writer of European cutulre, a defender of its founding values, resulting from the Enlightenment, and inspirer of the European anthem.

The BNU owns many original editions of Schiller's works, and is able to demonstrate his influence on stage arts by the loan of about sixty iconographic documents from the French National Library (BnF): posters and scale models of costumes for William Tell, turned into a grand opera by Rossini (1829), for Niedermeyer's Maria Stuart (1824), and Verdi's Don Carlos (1867), and models of the sets for Offenbach's Les Brigands (1869). The documents are enhanced by an original scenography and by a number of associated events (concerts, lectures, and guided visits).

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